Common health issues in the breed. The good news is that top breeders are doing a good job testing and improving health outcomes and lifespans.

Finding a dog

Dogs from reputable breeders can be hard to come by, but then so are dedicated and conscientious owners. Here are some tips that will shuttle you to the front of the line!


A detailed look at the breed, plus helpful resources that may come in handy whether you are a long time Cavalier fancier or just looking to acquire your first dog.

Our dogs


Born February 22nd 2008
C.E.O. is a bossy and stubborn Blenheim, but also very generous and considerate. He likes to walk around town searching for other Cavaliers.


Born January 2nd 2013
Ace has an intense personality. He wants to be number one at everything he does. At school he has a repution for being the teacher's pet.


Born April 14th 2016
Cali has a delightful Cavalier temperament. Sporting, outgoing, confident, smart. She loves everything and everyone.

C.E.O. pups

C.E.O. has retired from stud service. He has other ideas in mind so don't tell him we said that.

Ace pups

Ace has sired a few litters. Love juice may be available to fully health tested and approved females.

Cali pups

Cali had two litters and 11 pups in 2019 which proved conclusively she is whole colour dominant.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

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Click here to watch C.E.O. walking on the loose in Toronto

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